rifle ball

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a bullet designed to be fired from a rifle

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It takes about 20 days of work to produce a HUMMER H2 which meets our basic assault rifle ball level of protection," said Allen.
In midhunt, Lewis received a rifle ball in the buttock.
In this way a 120-mm tank gun can be fired against representative targets a few tens of metres away, using ordinary rifle ball cartridges.
The square, however, was soon formed and the cavalry made no impression on us, but a great number of (their) men and horses (were casualties) from the effect of our Rifle balls, their steel cuirasses not being sufficient to protect them.
Also, under the Massachusetts Militia Law, towns were required to "maintain a supply of 100 pounds of powder, 300 pounds of musket and rifle balls of various sizes and 300 flints for each sixty militiamen.