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Synonyms for riffle

to mix together so as to change the order of arrangement

to look through reading matter casually

Synonyms for riffle

a small wave on the surface of a liquid

shuffling by splitting the pack and interweaving the two halves at their corners

twitch or flutter


Related Words

look through a book or other written material

Related Words

stir up (water) so as to form ripples

shuffle (playing cards) by separating the deck into two parts and riffling with the thumbs so the cards intermix

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The police commissioner said 233 cows were recovered from the gang and that six live ammunition were retrieved alongside the riffle recovered from their dead boss.
In the meantime, a policy team deployed on Kohat Road near Sefan Square intercepted a truck (K-4693) and during its search, seized 121 riffles and 16,000 cartridges.
After the comminution in the jaw crusher, the ground material falls directly into the Riffle Sample Splitter integrated in the collecting vessel and is automatically divided into representative samples.
Called Riffle, the browser is still a laboratory product, and uses a network of mixnet servers and multiple cryptographic techniques to make a user's browsing data practically unplottable.
com/danriffle) Dan Riffle , federal policy director for the powerful national advocacy group (https://www.
The owner with riffle at the roof also fired into air randomly.
IT'S not often a home manages to take ones breath away simply from the outside, but Riffle Lodge achieves just that.
By January 2011 run and riffle habitat existed in only one of the upper reaches.
Changes in community structure resulted from decreased abundance for some of the dominant riffle taxa (e.
Late September through mid-October, on bright, sunny fall days, channel cats are stacked below just about any significant riffle.
TAG 200 CPU cooling fan is made with 250g high grade copper riffle bearing and plates that provide low-noise heat transfer away from the CPU.
Riffle habitats are particularly sensitive to added sediments from anthropogenic sources as these habitats are characterized as shallow zones with turbulent flows, high oxygen levels, and substrates comprised of unconsolidated particles (Allan 2004).
Trained as killer machines, they are to master riffle shooting to represent the country, which they tried to divide a few years ago.