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Synonyms for roughshod

(of a horse) having horseshoes with projecting nails to prevent slipping

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(of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering

unjustly domineering


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It would seem that only some people have the financial clout and connections to ride roughshod over the laws of the land.
To support her arguments she resorts to readings and paraphrases that ride roughshod over the sources.
Forty-two have proven invasive enough to ride roughshod over native neighbors.
Educated at Harvard and the University of Chicago, McIntosh has used his establishment credentials to ride roughshod over traditional liberal causes.
Lynn said Americans United intends to cooperate with the Thompson committee, but will not allow the panel to ride roughshod over us.
RBC is a fine organization but needs to realize it cannot ride roughshod over contractual commitments while furthering its expansion objectives in the U.
It is fairly typical of the way that he and some other people in the coalition have tried to ride roughshod over people's deeply-held views" - Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, hits back at Mr Clegg.
We have got to ask the people what they want and not ride roughshod over their wishes.
The plans are aimed at finding a way of managing sensitive evidence from the security services, but Mr Clegg said their concerns ''cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over the principles of open justice''.
What is the alternative when you have a Government and employers who are prepared to ride roughshod over their workforce?
I FEEL I must write about Rodney Berman's double standards ('I won't let Tesco ride roughshod over traders', August 18).
You can't just ride roughshod over those views - the local authority will stand against you.
Yet the county council is trying to ride roughshod over the very people who will be most affected by this.
They need intelligence if they are to act against determined hunting extremists, who think that they have the right not only to ride roughshod over the law but to be cruel to animal.
The approval of a recent application in Bridgend, in the face of strong objections from local residents and the town council, reveals that the council and its officers are prepared to ride roughshod over the interests of long-standing council taxpayers just in order to achieve their precious targets.