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ride away on a horse, for example


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With MobilityWorks' current 35 showrooms and the new Ride Away and Mobility Freedom stores, the combined companies will have 57 locations in 21 states.
Stephen said: "It was important that we found a buyer who shares the values that have underpinned the growth of Ride Away to date.
They also ride away from the kerb so motorists can see them easier and then regard them as other legitimate road users and not someone that should be demoted to the gutter.
Whenever Joan passed me I hit straight back and was able to ride away, which made for an easier last lap compared to when I won here last year.
Mark and Ride Away also show that the best just keep getting better.
No practice, the talents never fail with the balance probably never bail on the stair, bench, or the rail just a steezy young male call me a skate lord 'cause I skate more than you and your skate whores I puts down all fours and ride away smooth and stay with the groove 'cause I like to move speedin', dippin', straight board flippin' riding the streets like I'm on a mission no time for these little chickens it's time to flow and hit the line I didn't see befo' come up fast, no not slow amazing like Jesus goin' Primo no pushin', like in a ditch don't skate lookin' pissed I heard at the shop you callin' me a bitch well I just saw your trick and did that shit switch.
The court heard Morgan, of Longspears Avenue, Heath, then tried to ride away on his bike.
Demystifying the world's oldest industry is only a North Sea ride away from the slaughters in Suffolk.
Andros Island, the largest of the 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas, is just a 10-minute plane ride away from the mega-resorts, golf courses and party vibe of tourist-oriented New Providence Island.
A lot of people don't realise these places are just a short car ride away.
Isn't it funny, I always enjoy A ride away from town, A place to strap a bag on my back To roam the country brown.
The problem is that the temporary terminal now in use is a five-minute bus ride away from where the ship docks.
Located just a short train ride away from midtown Manhattan, many of the apartments will have sweeping views of the city's skyline.