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do away with

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Can she get rid of this surplus to the United States?
I'll tell you a way to get rid of the surplus," Ernest said.
What do you propose in order to get rid of the surplus?
The more private inquiries I conduct for my fair relative the harder she will find it to get rid of hers truly, Horatio Wragge.
The king was sorry that for the sake of one he should lose all his faithful servants, wished that he had never set eyes on the tailor, and would willingly have been rid of him again.
The little tailor demanded of the king the promised reward; he, however, repented of his promise, and again bethought himself how he could get rid of the hero.
Then she discovered in what state of life the young lord had been born, and next morning complained of her wrongs to her father, and begged him to help her to get rid of her husband, who was nothing else but a tailor.
I might get rid of Ladislaw up to a certain point--take away the `Pioneer' from him, and that sort of thing; but I couldn't send him out of the country if he didn't choose to go--didn't choose, you know.
Even her propriety could not dispute that there was impropriety in the world; but Mrs General's way of getting rid of it was to put it out of sight, and make believe that there was no such thing.
I have just discovered how a gardener may get rid of the dormice that eat his peaches.
Summary: Shravanabelagola (Karnataka) [India] February 25 (ANI): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said the ideology of Jainism can get rid of the ongoing violence in the world.
Luckily, there is a way to get rid of the new feature.
22 -- It looks like HTC is getting rid of the headphones jack on its upcoming smartphone.
Almost all the arguments used by the Leave campaign to get rid of Brussels can be used to get rid of rule by London Government.
The thinking is that all this waste comes from traders but many people planting in their gardens will have bags of soil and stones to get rid of and other DIY home improvement work may create bags of rubble.