ricin toxin

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a toxic protein extracted from castor beans


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AMEX:DOR) and a subsidiary of Cambrex Corporation (NYSE:CBM) have successfully achieved, ahead of schedule, the first milestone of fermentation and downstream process development in their development and manufacturing agreement for RiVax(TM), DOR's ricin toxin vaccine.
Our biodefense products in development are bioengineered vaccines designed to protect against ricin toxin and botulinum toxin, both of which are considered serious bioterrorism threats.
The vaccine candidate, which is being developed with the university, is a modified subunit of the native ricin toxin that has been genetically engineered to eliminate both its enzymatic activity and its ability to induce vascular leak syndrome.
Ingestion: No reports of illness after ingestion of purified ricin toxin have occurred.
MAbs to ricin have been described that protect mice against a lethal challenge with ricin toxin (72).
Category B - Brucellosis, Q fever, ricin toxin from castor beans, Glanders, epsilon toxin of Clostridium perfringens, and enterotoxin B of Staphylococcus)
Besides the ricin toxin, there's another compelling reason why this crop has fallen out of favor with U.
Each assay provides a one-time use capability and is designed to identify one or more biothreat agents, including Anthrax, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin, Plague (Yersinia pestis), and/or SEB (Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B).
The overall objectives of the contract are to advance the development of Soligenix's thermostabilization technology, ThermoVax, in combination with the company's ricin toxin vaccine, RiVax, as a medical countermeasure to prevent the effects of ricin exposure.
The Princeton-based company said in a news release that the contract s objective is to advance the development of a medical countermeasure to ricin toxin exposure.