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What stands out in the Gospel is the utter indifference of the rich man towards the poor Lazarus.
I do not think President Jonathan can be considered a very rich man.
This sugar daddy, a rich man in his 60s, gives her a large monthly allowance plus expensive gifts like branded bags and diamonds.
The rich man in Jesus' story had to learn to look the other way, but our urban planning has made it possible to speed right past Lazarus' neighborhoods on the interstate highways.
ONCE upon a time there was a very rich man who had so many toys he became bored with them.
Riches THERE are different kinds of riches On this you will agree A rich man's wealth is his money To a poor man it's his family A rich man has holidays To Spain or Timbuktu A poor man can only afford To go to the beach or the zoo A rich man will travel By boat or plane A poor man makes do With a bus or a train But rich or poor, whatever you've got Just be grateful for your lot For, at the end, we'll all be the same In God's eyes, we're all the same The only difference, is your name G SNOWDON, High Farm, Wallsend
This well-known parable of the rich man (in early Christian tradition given the name Dives, Latin for a rich man) and Lazarus (not to be confused with the Lazarus in the Gospel of John) poignantly demonstrates the Lukan theme of the great reversal that characterizes the coming reign of God.
The rich man replies: "I've got to give you something - you won the bet.
RICH MAN POOR MAN tired lazy lavish extravagant eccentric crazy self-educated unschooled chic garish blunt crude democratic plebeian candid vulgar
I thought to myself, if I can marry a rich man," she said, "I won't have any worries.
Moreover, he said, it is quite easy to justice between two equally poor or two equally rich men but it is most difficult to decide between a poor and a rich man.
So whether you're a rich man or not, where should you go with your hard-earned cash at the end of the week?
But increasingly, being a rich man in football is not enough.
Having never had a long term relationship, 28-year-old Rebecca decides she wants a man - a rich man.