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Antonyms for ribless

having no ribs or no visible ribs


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The only exception was among three-toed sloths, which show early bone-formation in the bodies of their distal, ribless neck vertebrae, before those of the ribcage.
Fitted, knee length ribless corduroy coat in brown with blue print has belt sleeves and fur trim.
These included an extension of the choir and pointed windows and rib vaults, whereas the Romanesque square choir had a ribless crossvault.
These tote boxes are available in 78 ribbed and 82 ribless models.
It had a detachable, 3-shot box magazine and its ribless barrel ended in Mossberg's own C-Lect choke which, without the aesthetic benefit of a solid or vent rib behind it, looked like some sort of obscene swelling at the muzzle.