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Synonyms for ribbony

long and thin


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Time was you'd buy a new top, and once it was on you'd be constantly tucking in those annoying ribbony straps used for hanging it up.
It is possible to create three line diagrams automatically: vector accessible, ribbony comparative and composite diagram maps.
By the time you are on your third you are lucky to get a phone call, let alone a ribbony bunch of flowers.
It's a tasty picture whose ribbony strokes at once take us back to the glory days of Impressionism and remind us of Renoir's efforts to restore mass and solid form to broken color, but apart from such high-minded art historical considerations, the contrast between Vollard's solemn, dignified demeanor and his extravagant costume is irresistible.
He starts selling buttons and bows and ribbony wotsits in the market, that's what, a career choice that's always puzzled those who know of Doug's astonishing gift for engineering.