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long and thin


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Papanicolaou stained filter preparations showed numerous acute inflammatory cells, reactive bronchial cells and broad, ribbonlike aseptate fungal hyphae with right angled branching at irregular intervals consistent with Rhizopus /mucor infection (Figures 1A and 1B).
s (P&G's) Oral-B Satin Floss has a silky, ribbonlike fiber that wraps comfortably around the fingers and slides smoothly between teeth and below the gum line.
Microscopy examination showed extensive superficial mycotic proliferation, with wide and irregular ribbonlike nonseptate hyphae and right-angle branching.
The tapeworm that occurs in horses is a large worm consisting of a head, which attaches to the intestine of the horse, and a long ribbonlike body with similar segments called proglottids.
By this time, because of the action of wing-tip vortices, the wake has changed in form from its original compact cross section to a more or less fiat ribbonlike form with curled-up edges, but this change in form does not involve any further mixing of the water vapor with the air.
Most of these products are made from Ascophyllum nodosum--a brown, ribbonlike seaweed, often seen attached to a floating bladder--that grows in cold ocean water.
More sculpture than staircase, the construction might best be described as a series of ribbonlike forms, made from very unribbon-like one and half inch thick (38mm) hot-rolled steel.
They display several growth characteristics: glandular spaces, trabeculae, festoons, ribbonlike patterns, anastomosing cords, and solid sheets with variable cohesiveness.
There is a delicate fluidity to the ones drawn with a ribbonlike script, reminiscent of the gorgeous ribbon candy sold at expensive department stores.
Nearby is the road along the Columbia River Gorge, with its towering cliffs and ribbonlike waterfalls.
Right now, Alejo Ruocco lamps -- "wild, ribbonlike creations that look a little bit like an up-do," according to Julian -- are flying out of the store.
TP](crit), a variety of morphologies may be developed: bicontinuous structures, doublephase morphologies (consisting of a conglomerate of two types of macroscopic domains: ones showing a dispersion of thermoplastic-rich particles and other ones exhibiting a phase-inverted structure), ribbonlike structures, etc.
Ribbonlike stools, while not pathognomonic, are very suggestive of Hirschsprung's disease.