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shaped in the form of a ribbon

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The coronal orifice of these canals is usually located apically to the CEJ level and may appear as a single, ribbon-shaped opening with a 180[degrees] arc linking all the main canals or a ribbon-shaped canal that includes the mesiobuccal and distal canals.
The silver-plated ribbon-shaped pin features a single sparkling clear glass stone and costs EUR1.
He said about 50 data-collection stations already are strategically located along this ribbon-shaped country, which stretches nearly 2,900 miles, sandwiched by the Pacific to the west and the Andes range to the east.
The cable used in the Long Island project employs concentric layers of hair-thin, ribbon-shaped high-temperature superconductor wire and a dielectric material, which provides electrical insulation, and is compatible with cryogenic temperatures.
The hair-thin, ribbon-shaped wires conduct 150 times the electricity of similar sized copper wires.
There are simple string-shaped pasta like spaghetti and vermicelli, ribbon-shaped ones like fettuccine and linguine, short tubes like elbow macaroni and penne, large sheets like lasagna, tiny grains like couscous and orzo, and hollow pasta stuffed with filling, like ravioli, manicotti, and tortellini.
You can choose your preferred meat, and have it with ho-fun noodles (flat and ribbon-shaped like tagliatelle), udon noodles (huge, tube-shaped noodles from Japan), vermicelli noodles (the thinnest variety) or bog-standard everyday noodles.
Versace will stage this year's fashion show for 40,000 spectators on a red ribbon-shaped catwalk outside city hall.
Susie Rosalie shows the ribbon-shaped magnets with slogans on her car, ``Support Our Troops'' and ``Freedom isn't free.
It combines an AC Servo-Motor and fluid-dispense valve to robotically position the valve's tip at the correct angle to deliver a precise ribbon-shaped material pattern.
At this time of year, ribbon-shaped ponds form close to the river.
The troops tented in the mile-long, ribbon-shaped town green, across from Trumbull's home where French officers frequently dined.
We served our piccata of veal with some lightly-cooked, bow ribbon-shaped pasta, roasted garlic and slithers of air dried Parma ham.
The brand name and the name of the flavor are printed in large letters on a ribbon-shaped banner.
Ribbon-shaped Amperium wire is typically only 400 microns thick.