ribbon snake

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slender yellow-striped North American garter snake

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Burdick of the Newport Chemical Depot (Whitaker, 1994), including the eastern ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus), worm snake (Carphophis amoenus), northern ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus), eastern hognose snake (Heterodon platirhinos), and prairie king snake (Lampropeltis calligaster).
The western ribbon snake (Thamnophis proximus) and rough green snake (Opheodrys aestivus) were not found, but they are probably present.
The ribbon snake is the dominant species of snake of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Old Sabine Wildlife Management Area (OSBWMA), a bottomland hardwood forest along a stretch of the Sabine River in northeastern Texas (Doles 2000).
The western ribbon snake (Thamnophis proximus): Ecology of a western population.
Reproductive data are available for many species of garter and ribbon snakes, genus Thamnophis (Rossman et al.
Adult female western ribbon snakes from the OSBWMA, Smith County, Texas were collected in May through July, 1999-2001.
Furthermore, because ribbon snakes and garter snakes are relatively cold-tolerant (Rossman et al.
Ribbon snakes are slender with extremely long tails and keeled scales.
While no human but an informed researcher would look at this patch of forest twice (except perhaps ruefully upon losing a golf ball in the muck), it remains a small haven for Blanding's turtles and the other creatures that have moved in with them: spotted turtles, ribbon snakes, muskrats, and birds such as the red-winged blackbird and cedar waxwing.
Critters sighted that day included a juvenile and an adult yellowbelly snake, several water moccasins or cottonmouths, a six-inch mud snake, several western ribbon snakes, several of the threatened greens, and an earth snake.
Thus, while speckled kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getulus holbrooki), eastern hognosed snakes (Heterodon platyrhinos), western slender glass lizards (Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus), eastern coachwhip snakes, blotched watersnakes, western ribbon snakes (Thamnophis proximus proximus), Texas garter snakes and southern copperheads were observed during this study, there are no official records for these species in Delta County (based on Dixon 1987 and distribution records cited in Herpetological Review from 1985 to 1998).
For example, ribbon snakes, cottonmouths and watersnakes are more typically associated with aquatic habitats and would not be expected to dominate in dry upland areas.