ribbon development

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building complex in a continuous row along a road

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In Sri Lanka, ribbon development radiates out from Colombo along major transport arteries to link it with both Kandy and Galle/Matara, revealing a dynamic urbanization process.
Then followed the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act that put an end to ribbon development and separated the countryside from the city.
This would not be a question of building a Will Allsop mega-city with ribbon development across the east west belt, but of common marketing, tackling the difficult negotiation process to create a degree of functional specialisation between the cities, and developing effective broadband links between them, agreeing a more logical hierarchy of airports and of fast links between them.
Sony Chemicals has, as one of its core business technologies, dye-sublimation ribbon development and manufacturing for use in ID card printers.
Only households in rural areas and along dikes and ribbon development will maintain the mini-container collection.
Restriction on Ribbon Development, with the cooperation of District Administration, local police and National Highways and Motorway Police.
Some architects believe that ribbon development, for example, where there is greenfield countryside behind housing on transport links, offers one opportunity for this to happen.
Ribbon development between highways will not only have an adverse environmental impact on residents it will also reduce the proceeds from Blue Area by at least 50 per cent.
He added: "I'm not suggesting ribbon development, just a smattering of houses designed to blend in with the local architecture strategically placed to keep the village thriving.
a view of "If you put this alongside the Lindley Moor plans you get a gigantic ribbon development.
The flat planes of city blocks and the wasteful ribbon development along American highways catch his eye.
Friends of the Earth believe a decision to approve high-tech corridors along the A38 north and south of Birmingham will lead to uncontrollable ribbon development with no links to public transport services.