ribbed vault

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vault that resembles a groined vault but has ribbed arches

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The same is true for the horizontal loom with treadle and the spinning wheel; stone castlery and the combining of pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttress into Gothic structures; the gunpowder cannon; ships with added masts, sails, and a mariner's compass; presses, papers, and inks variously employed; and the mechanical clock, the appearance of which may "in the advance of Europe to the forefront of world technology [be viewed as] a decisive moment" (210).
The first examples of the ribbed vault, the pointed arch, and the flying buttress are to be found in a variety of different projects around the country at this time.
With ribbed vaults and massive pillars, the building was apparently exquisite.
While she is inspired by the gothic and its slender, soaring structures--challenging gravity in sculptures with a light and aerial flow that resembles ribbed vaults, as in Kleins Kuppel (Little Dome), 2008--she has also derived sturdier shapes from the forms of Hindu temples, as evidenced in the more corporeal and earthly materiality of a work such as Lowenzahnkugel (Dandelion Sphere), 2008.
24) where Konrad Krebs's elaborate ribbed vaults for the innovative staircase (1533-37) are juxtaposed with his adjoining portal in the form of a classicizing triumphal arch.