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a ribbon used as a decoration


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Come the Blue Ribband road race and the GB team, who we were told would see Froome to victory - and who all week had been telling us how they were going to do it - had dissolved in the rain.
Lord Lovat was not only supposed to have quartered, victualled and paid the Pretender's troops, but "sent for Ribband to make white Cockades for them.
That followed a perfect record at last year's world championships, while in Beijing only Australia's Matthew Mitcham denied them on the 10-metre platform - diving's blue ribband competition.
The possibility of a blue ribband tie in croker will drive them on.
The villanelle was extremely admired by the French poets of the Parnasse, and one of them, Theodore de Banville, compared it to a ribband of silver and gold traversed by a thread of rose-colour.
It is a "little piece of broken Gold, which had a Ribband tied to it, and which he could swear to amongst all the Hoards of the richest Men in the Universe" (64).
He wrote that "It is customary among the Traders when ever they see one of these meadels to honour his Majesty's armes with a new Silk Ribband by good luck I had as much my own propperty as did this to my satisfaction.
The blue ribband K1 class went to Cellbridge's Gary Mawer, who enjoyed his sixth victory in the event.
Jedburgh's Jethart Games has long been considered the Blue Ribband meeting on the pro footracing circuit.
Here,(3) by 'Indicatorium' or 'Index', is meant a fillet or ribband inserted in a Book for the purpose there mentioned.
Glain Dafydd from Bangor wins the instrumental blue ribband over 19
But while those results four years ago and the number of our sports stars completing their own "Road to Rio" might point to a successful London legacy, the one major concern is athletics, which remains the blue ribband event of the Games.
We are great supporters of Northumberland RFU and it is important we are part of their blue ribband competition.
Ward, at 17 the minimum age requirement for senior boxing, became one of the youngest champions in the 87-year history of the blue ribband tournament at the expense of Ivanov.