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Synonyms for ribaldry

something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency

Synonyms for ribaldry

ribald humor

behavior or language bordering on indelicacy

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There are songs of ribaldry and of sexual metaphor, such as 'I have a gentil cok' and 'We hem aboute no cattes skinnes', the latter of which draws on the pedlar's trade for its ostensible setting.
Jerseys, a little ribaldry and a crowd that knows its game without going aggressively overboard is your best pick since you need a charged up atmosphere as you watch every move with bated breath.
According to him, "To a large extent, the outburst of ribaldry and derision are actually taking the official world seriously, at face value or the value, at least, it gives itself.
Cameron's own personal air of back of the classroom ribaldry - telling Angela Eagle to 'calm down dear', sniggering at Nadine Dorries that she is 'extremely frustrated' - doesn't help.
However, it is her older material, from the salty ribaldry of Sailor Song to the haunting Samson, which electrifies the crowd.
The essays are arranged thematically as follows: liturgical music and ceremony, word and music in the humanist era, ribaldry in high and low places, the state in church and theater, gender and power, enigmatic women, musical innovators and innovations, and mysteries and secrets revealed (e.
77) The Society's dinner toasts (78)--'Viva la virtu' ('Long live the fine arts'), 'Grecian spirit and Roman taste' and 'Seria ludo' ('Serious matters in a playful vein' - including ribaldry and sacrilege) (79)--epitomise its ethos, which Reynolds mirrors in the Groups painted for the two ends of the Society's room in the Star and Garter Tavern, Pall Mall.
Thus the lampooning of political opponents, the ribaldry of some hiragasy performances in Madagascar or the poking of fun (evident, for instance, in some Pende masquerade in Congo) is not the point of political dancing.
I thought maybe she would intuitively start praising me, or make indirect reference to my boyish charisma, or tell charming stories of ribaldry and derring-do and deviltry starring none other than me me me.
The proximity to celebrity (Eve Plumb, who played Jan Brady on ABC's "The Brady Bunch," stars as Miss Abigail), the in-jokey humoz, the parent-friendly ribaldry .
This ribaldry is exciting in our time, but imagine what it must have been like when Shakespeare wrote it: ALL the parts would have been performed by men, setting up a reverse Victor/Victoria situation, since it would have been a man playing Cesario/Viola playing a woman playing a man.
His latest policy document in mid-September 'EU-Africa Co-operation in Space' also invited ribaldry.
Abandoning the "years of drink, ribaldry and fornication," Brathwait married Frances Lawson of Nesham near Darlington in May 1617, and retired to Westmoreland to assume "the role of a quiet, able, respectable and public-spirited gentlemen" (53).
It provides details to ribaldry that took place at the USA House, a space rented by the U.