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the bony enclosing wall of the chest

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There is a bit more exposed wounds and the rib cage is exposed so obviously something has had a bit of a gnaw and tried to feast on it.
Toxic The waist area, seen from above, should taper from behind the rib cage to the hips.
The emphasis on deep lateral breathing while mobilizing the spine and rib cage has improved her spinal strength, and helps her find her center of balance more easily.
and Canada, with preliminary data demonstrating that pacing is possible from a lead placed outside the heart and under the rib cage (also referred to as extravascular space), with the majority of patients achieving consistent and appropriate ventricular pacing results.
The algorithm unfolds the rib cage, flattening the bones onto a plane that's much easier to examine than prior methods, which looked at rib pairs in slices on the head-to-toe axis.
Customers are meant to try on the cups and see what works best, then measure their rib cage.
Lieutenant Chris Williams, of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, felt a thud on his rib cage during a fire fight in Helmand, Afghanistan.
Before the would-be robber could formulate a plan of attack, the homeowner fired a shot right into his rib cage area.
kit are a 3" caping knife, 4 1/4" gut hook skinner, 6" boning/fillet knife, wood-bone saw, Tungsten-Carbide sharpener, rib cage spreader, and cleaning gloves.
A 28-YEAR-OLD man was hit in his rib cage during a robbery in Warrington last Wednesday.
What counts is not the absolute size of the waist girth but its size compared with a personal standard that depends on the width of the thorax at the bottom of the rib cage and the depth of the thorax at the sternum.
During inhaling, the inspiratory muscles contract, expanding the rib cage and further increasing its volume.
Learning to control the oral and pharyngeal muscles of swallowing must occur upon a trunk and rib cage that are stable, strong, and efficient in movement and breathing.
We hypothesized that patients who fail weaning from mechanical ventilation recruit their inspiratory rib cage muscles sooner than they recruit their expiratory muscles, and that rib cage muscle recruitment is accompanied by recruitment of sternomastoid muscles.
It is also during this phase that the load applied to the oar handle is transmitted through the arms to the rib cage (11).