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a long noosed rope used to catch animals

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Like the Riata leads, CRT leads are insulated to monitor health rhythm and deliver electrical impulses.
Riata and Riata ST leads are used to connect an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) to the heart in order to monitor its rhythms.
In the second stage, the company will issue 25 million common shares to Riata at CDD0.
Une autre trace du passage de la description de l'itineraire a la monographie savante est la description des Ahel ed-Doula comme des "montagnards demeures Braber," qui signale une exception par rapport a la caracteristique generale du groupe des Riata indiquee au debut de la liste ("sont des Braber arabises"), et en meme temps synthetise la description de cette ethnie dans l'extrait precedent ("seule la fraction montagnarde d'Abel ed-Doula a conserve ses traditions; elle fait cause commune avec les Beni Ouarain et parle la langue tamazirt").
Riata Capital Group is a Dallas-based private equity investment firm that invests in growing, profitable, privately-held companies across North America with a focus on four core industry sectors: consumer, energy, healthcare, and business solutions.
For the competition, Gary created a riata of mango and cucumber in a mint yoghurt dressing, pan-fried red mullet, seared scallops and masala dressing.
The Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls will perform their horseback acrobatics, and trick-rope artist Monty Montana Jr.
Con lo que le quedaba que era manos duras y vacias, nada y nada, el hombre verdadero aquel mercaba calzon de manta y huarache de riata con suela firestone para meter sus pies color de la tierra porque eso es la vida y eso el mundo es.
In 2011, the Company's implantable Riata ICD was recalled due to instances in which the insulation of the Riata leads had experienced so-called "inside-out" abrasion failures.
Set during 700AD and telling the story of the legendary Dal Riata, Alpin must rescue his brother after he is captured by powerful spirits.
Set in the ancient kingdom of Dal Riata, "THE PAGE" follows the heroes treks across the ancient Scottish kingdom, from Kintyre to Skye and on to Eireann.
Jude's Riata defibrillator leads, which the company had stopped selling in 2010.
In 2011, the Company's implantable Riata ICD was recalled due to instances of "inside-out" abrasion failures affecting the insulation of the Riata device leads.
Last year, the company's Riata leads were accused of causing 22 patient deaths, due to frayed leads caused by excessive friction.
While the Riata leads were recalled by the FDA, the Quattro leads were not.