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Synonyms for rial

the basic unit of money in Yemen


the basic unit of money in Oman

the basic unit of money in Iran

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Since last Now Ruz, the rial has fallen 29 percent against the dollar.
However, the newly announced rate means that the government now recognizes only one official reference rate for the Rial.
In Teheran's money changing district, licensed bureaux were doing no business at the rate of 28,500 rials to the dollar imposed since Saturday by the central bank in an effort to reverse a collapse of the money last week.
The price of dollars rose 7 per cent from Saturday, the last working day, to 20,500 rials, up 15 per cent from last week.
Le ministre de l'Industrie, Mehdi Ghazanfari, avait affirme mardi que la Banque centrale allait "injecter des dollars", tandis que le president de cette institution avait evoque un "effet psychologique" pour expliquer la baisse du rial, rejetant tout lien avec les nouvelles sanctions americaines.
Additionally, the rial fell in December on rumors that Iran had prohibited the financing of trade with the UAE.
The dollar sold for 12,250 rials in the open market.
Newkirk said the station is dealing with the issue; but would not confirm word that Rial was fired.
Last week, UANI launched its Rial Currency Printing Campaign, and announced the results of an investigation into KBA and other multinational companies that help Iran produce its currency, the rial.
President Rohani went on television two weeks ago to tell the public there was nothing to fear as the country's foreign exchange revenue far exceeded its foreign exchange spending, so the rial was in no danger.
Bank Muscat's profit in the same period last year was hampered by a 15m rial provision that it took after being caught up in one of the biggest-ever cyber fraud cases.
Since then, the inflation rate in Iran has usually been above 10% and Iran's Rial value has decreased year-on- year versus the US dollar.
Now many of those houses have stopped doing rial business as well.
1 per cent y/y to 118 billion rials) failed to benefit from renewed confidence in the rial, time deposits grew 6 per cent y/y to 452.
Summary: SANAA: Yemen's rial fell further against the US dollar as the central bank pumped $57 million into the exchange market, the latest of a series of cash injections to support the tumbling currency which hit a record low this week.