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The additional eight responses were labeled indiscernible due to the complexity and/or speed of the rhythmic pattern played by the child.
Anytime the clients are playing their instruments, they are following the rhythmic pattern of the first facilitator, but the second facilitator could ask them to start or stop at any given time.
Three centuries of modern observations have shown that these spots and storms occur in a rhythmic pattern, with the number of sunspots waxing and waning in an 11-year cycle.
Also two-baller, which involved throwing balls against a wall or door in a rhythmic pattern.
A similar rhythmic pattern in aortic dissection suggests that in prescribing [beta]-blockers and other antihypertensive agents for prevention of acute aortic dissection, it may make sense to select drugs that maintain effectiveness in the early morning hours, he said.
What begins as a series of gestural marks -- almost arbitrary -- gradually takes on the character of ideograms and elusive representational figure within an increasingly dense temporal rhythmic pattern that brings to mind the general shape of biological evolution or the development of thinking.
This analysis underscores the mode of action of Androxal which restores pituitary responsiveness to low circulating levels of testosterone, in turn stimulating the testes to produce normal levels of testosterone in a normal rhythmic pattern.
This rhythmic pattern repeated several times over the span of several minutes.
The music was easy to write because of the rhythmic pattern and flow of Ceri Elen's words," says Griffiths, a music lecturer at Trinity College and artistic director of the Trinity Festival.
protein concentration and electrolytes) have a rhythmic pattern, a rise and decline, during each day.
This cathedral-like volume is articulated by a central row of colossal elliptical columns that rise, from the platform level below, to the roof, to meet the rhythmic pattern of arching ribs.
These procedures revealed a rhythmic pattern in the sediments, with magnetic grains and iron content periodically waxing and waning.
Her stories are told through a form of dance called bharatanatyam, classical performances where precise movements of the body follow the rhythmic pattern of Indian music and lyrics sung in Sanskrit.
The piece lacks a tonal center or regular rhythmic pattern and is incredibly difficult; but Peter Sulski and Mark Berger gave the piece a technically proficient reading, playing with a rich variety of tonal colors and a clear commitment to the relationship of the two parts.
I held up a leaf and showed the class the rhythmic pattern.