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very acid volcanic rock

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The workings appear to loosely follow the upper contact of a grey, altered rhyolitic tuff with an overlying porphyritic rhyolite unit.
Angel's Camp contains several additional rhyolite domes which are the host to the gold mineralization at the Quartz Mountain Property, further enhancing the exploration potential.
Thanks to geological research, we now have a specific source for the rhyolite stones from which to work and an opportunity for archaeologists to answer the question.
El Clavo comprises rhyolite dykes and breccias emplaced into a sequence of hydrothermally altered tuffs.
silica rhyolite containing wide spread chalcopyrite and a footwall
Based on published sets of samples (Price et al 1990 GSA Special Paper 246), as well as internal sampling now in progress, we believe that the in place value per metric ton of the rhyolite is sufficient to warrant examining the possibility of developing a large scale open-pit mining operation if a process can be developed to concentrate the rare earth minerals.
Les roches volcaniques felsiques de la Formation de Cumberland Hill, au sud du Nouveau-Brunswick, dont l'origine remonte a quelque 335 Ma se composent de rhyolite et de trachyte hyperalcalines.
But the financial panic of 1907 took its toll on Rhyolite and promulgated the end of the town's prosperity.
It's all part of the Rhyolite Canyon formation in the Chiricahua National Monument, about a two-hour drive east of Tucson.
He provides information for car tours to such locales as the Extraterrestrial Highway, ghost towns like Rhyolite and some lesser-known places, including Mesquite, which is trying to establish its own running of the bulls a la Pamplona, Spain.
This molten rock would then rise toward the surface and create formations of granite and rhyolite.
6 grams per tonne of uranium the Round Top rhyolite may contain an estimated 101.
Corvus" or the "Company") - (TSX: KOR, OTCQX: CORVF) announces a new broad intercept from the Rhyolite Zone discovery northeast of the YellowJacket deposit on its North Bullfrog project in Nevada (Table 1).
VVTHERE were burnt fingers in running on Betfair in the 7f handicap at Wolverhampton when Marco Botti's handicap debutant Rhyolite was caught after trading at 1.
Failing to penetrate through the overlying rhyolite tuff at Grass Hollow, Drill hole AW12-06 was a re-drill of a 2011 drill hole (AW11-09).