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Synonyms for rhyme



Synonyms for rhyme

a poetic work or poetic works

Synonyms for rhyme

compose rhymes

be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

References in classic literature ?
in the plural, my dear Pelisson," said La Fontaine, clapping his hand on the shoulder of his friend, whose insult he had quite forgotten, "and they will rhyme.
Well, if you can rhyme so well, La Fontaine," said Pelisson, "tell me now in what way you would begin my prologue?
And I have made a hundred thousand such rhymes in my time.
Yes, above all in the plural, seeing that then it rhymes not with three letters, but with four; as
But when the Normans came they brought a new form of poetry, and gradually rhymes began to take the place of alliteration.
Finding rhymes isn't as easy as you might think," avowed Peter, out of his own experience.
The -aja rhyme in Finnish (the same in Estonian, -aja in Livonian) correlates with the [-(u)a'n] rhyme in Beijing Yan, the [-(w)o'n] rhyme in Guangzhou Yue, and the [-o'n] rhyme in Taipei Min.
com/nurseryrhymes/) is inviting all kids between the ages of 5 and 12 to submit an original Nursery Rhyme for this FREE writing contest.
TOTS at Spring Grove J&I School in Springwood dressed up for the first national nursery rhyme week.
As a read aloud and for beginning readers, the use of rhyme and repetition is pleasing.
Rhyme also belongs to the expressive forms of poetry; through its relation to the whole, rhyme becomes an important element of a text's poetic style and thereby achieves its special status and meaning in the system of its linguistic means of expression.
That's become something she's famous for in her family: Everyone looks forward to a card from her - with a little rhyme as well.
Everybody was worried that it might mess up the integrity of Bet but I was like, '(As) long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit'," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
Dan Bar-el's creative extension of the Mother Goose rhyme is a lyrical journey perfectly accompanied by Rae Mate's dreamy paintings.
Sometimes, the Spanish words rhyme with Spanish words; sometimes, Spanish and English rhyme, and sometimes, English rhymes with English.