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I then set rhubarb plants all along the upper margin and put rhubarb in one or two boxed plots along the sides.
KEATON, HANDSWORTH Aforced rhubarb is when the rhubarb plant is covered up by a container or grown in the dark so it grows in warm moist conditions.
The rhubarb plant originated in Russia, and wasn't considered as an eating plant until the 16th century or thereabouts, but it made its way west and eventually became very popular.
We also had a massive rhubarb plant and as a treat we would be given a stick of rhubarb and some sugar to dip it in.
Pole beans on the back fence, a rhubarb plant on each side of an outside chimney, parsley in a flower bed, and tomato plants in a perennial garden are only a few of the unconventional arrangements we have tried.
Radish is spread across the path along with a rhubarb plant, 14 garlic, a small row of lettuce (already eaten), and some radish.
So, if you have a strong, healthy rhubarb plant and an old dustbin, you can be enjoying the delights of forced rhubarb within three to four weeks.
QMy Rhubarb plant, which had been producing large amounts of good quality rhubarb was very disappointing last year as it produced very thin weak stems.
Something gave my rhubarb some stick WHAT 9 could have made my rhubarb plant die off?
10FT; The plant is killing off other wildlife; NORMAL: Average rhubarb plant
POP an upturned dustbin over your rhubarb plant to force the sticks for an early crop.
It looks like an enormous rhubarb plant with rough, crinkled leaves that stretch up to 5ft across.
COVER a rhubarb plant with a terracotta forcing pot or dustbin lined with dry straw for stems that will be ready for picking in six weeks.
I BOUGHT a rhubarb plant last winter but it only produced a few sticks with smallish leaves.