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a sound like whistling or snoring that is heard with a stethoscope during expiration as air passes through obstructed channels

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In present study, less percentage of wheeze and rhonchi when compared to other studies because only stable COPD patients were included in the study.
Physical examination results for patients with acute Q fever and control group with negative serologic results for Q fever, the Netherlands * Characteristic Study group, Control group, n = 82 n = 52 Dyspnea 13/73 (18) 18/41 (44) Abnormal heart sounds 1/80 (1) 0/51 (0) Cardiac murmur 11/80 (14) 4/50 (8) Decreased breath sounds 6/78 (8) 7/46 (15) Bronchial breath sounds 9/64 (14) 5/37 (14) Crackles 36/76 (47) 19/43 (44) Rhonchi 3/68 (4) 9/41 (22) Palpable liver 1/69 (1) 1/39 (3) Palpable spleen 0/68 (0) 0/36 (0) Exanthema 2/9 (22) 0/6 (0) Lymphadenopathy 2/27 (7) 2/21 (10) Temperature, [degree]C 38.
The patient's past medical history included scoliosis, acute lower back pain, right shoulder degenerative joint disease, atopic dermatitis, lymphadenitis, rhonchi, insomnia, depression, and a long history of recurrent infections, particularly cutaneous staphylococcal and candida albicans infections, often accompanied by a purulent drainage.
Respiratory system examination revealed barrel shaped chest, distant breath sounds, early inspiratory crepitations and expiratory rhonchi with raised jugular venous pressure.
Bilateral extensive rales and rhonchi in the lungs were heard on auscultation and lung graphy revealed reticuloglandular appearance.
On chest examination, there were bilateral rhonchi in middle and lower lobes and heart sounds wereabsent on left side and heard over the right side, rest of the examination was unremarkable.
On auscultation of chest, bilateral rhonchi were present.
On auscultation, abnormal breath sounds with crackles and diffuse rhonchi rapidly developed, while hypoxia was observed in oxymetry.
Cough 25 (89) 29 (100) New findings on chest exam/New rales, 22 (79) 16 (55) rhonchi, or wheezes New or increased sputum/Productive cough 12 (43) 11 (38) Shortness of breath/Dyspnea 4 (14) 8 (28) Runny nose/Congestion 3 (11) 4 (14) Sore throat 1 (4) 1 (3) Mental status/Functional status changes 1 (4) 5 (17) Fever >100[degrees]F (37.
In the initial pulmonary auscultation, three of the 17 children had symmetrical vesicular murmur, and 14, asymmetrical vesicular murmur, reduced or absent; and 14 presented associated adventitious sounds, as for example, crepitations and rhonchi.
Chest examination revealed bilateral coarse inspiratory and expiratory crepitation all over lung fields with bilateral rhonchi.
No rhonchi or rales were heard and bronchoscopically no obvious stenosis or obstruction was seen in the trachea or bronchi.