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a parallelogram with four equal sides


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To these particular triangles, pentagons and rhombuses with identical edges, I have added the constraint that the edge word must be a reversal.
9-letter rhombuses with identical L and R edge words have the letter pattern 1223?
Many resemble designs on textiles and ceramics, such as circles, concentric circles, circles with dots, rectangles, equal-sided crosses, arrows, simple parallel lines, complex parallel lines, spirals, simple and complex stepped rhombuses.
In 1964, T6th discovered that a combination of two hexagons and two squares does a little better than an end cap of three rhombuses in terms of the efficient use of wax.
Cylinders, cones, rectangles, rhombuses, and other geometric forms were melded together in rather severe amalgamations of orange plaster and black polyester, all of which were exhibited on (or next to) wooden tables carefully crafted by the artist, their tops skewed at various angles.