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a parallelogram with four equal sides

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18]O values of rock with isolated dolomite rhombs floating in limestone matrix (type 3) are somewhat more negative in comparison with dolomite types 1 and 2, however, the value of [delta][sup.
Transparent medium- to coarse-crystalline dolomite rhombs with well-developed faces and cleavage surfaces occur in transparent laminae of semitransparent fine-crystalline matrix.
I found some 2,055 rhombs of length 4 which were also word squares.
Look at the following sentences: a) "Complex numbers include natural numbers," b) "Squares and rhombs are quadrilaterals," and c) "Mars has a unique moon.
Later notations are at the same time more homogeneous and more idiosyncratic; most unusual are those of the Benedictines of Tyniec, who notated their entire repertory in rhombs and squares.
This rock has a very fine grained microsparry matrix, in which are scattered very fine sand- and silt-sized rhombs of dolomite (Mg[CO.
And, later in the same poem, Urizen is described as being "Terrified with his heart & spirit at the visions of futurity" (E 322; The Four Zoas 34-7); for, in the unknowable time of futurity, he fears the dissolution or loss of the "mathematic" form with which he structures the world--the "Trapeziums Rhombs Rhomboids / Paralellograms.