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a parallelogram with four equal sides

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Complete quartz crystals (1, 2), a quartz sphere cut from a crystal (3) and thin quartz plates cut parallel to the crystal faces of prisms and rhombs (4) were used for the hydrothermal experiments (Fig.
Let us restrict our attention to the case d = 2, and let us consider a restricted set of tiles consisting of all rhombs with sides of unit length and angles that are integer multiples of [pi]/n.
In particular every set [phi] (r (i)) is a patch consisting of rhombs with edges parallel to the direction vectors [e.
In the thin section some dolomite rhomb show zoning, filling showing dedolomitization in upper part.
18]O values of rock with isolated dolomite rhombs floating in limestone matrix (type 3) are somewhat more negative in comparison with dolomite types 1 and 2, however, the value of [delta][sup.
Also, the function of postpendency can promote a subalternation-subcontrariety relationship (Fpq = Cpq & Apq), like the one between the statement "some rhombs are square" and "some rhombs are parallelograms.
Consider another set of examples to illustrate the same point: in his critical exposition with Plato, Stiegler--consistent with his point of departure--shows that the geometrical insight the ignorant slave boy obtains is the result of physically drawing squares and rhombs in the sand.
These are clusters of sharp, opaque, baby-pink, rhombobedral crystals without matrix or associations: Teodocio Ramos had about 100 fine miniatures with rhombs to 3 cm, while Luis Burillo had three specimens from 9 to 12 cm across showing sharp, stacked rhodochrosite rhombs to 4.
1 with small figures (circles, rhombs and squares) joined by a brace.
Transparent medium- to coarse-crystalline dolomite rhombs with well-developed faces and cleavage surfaces occur in transparent laminae of semitransparent fine-crystalline matrix.
I found some 2,055 rhombs of length 4 which were also word squares.
Look at the following sentences: a) "Complex numbers include natural numbers," b) "Squares and rhombs are quadrilaterals," and c) "Mars has a unique moon.
Later notations are at the same time more homogeneous and more idiosyncratic; most unusual are those of the Benedictines of Tyniec, who notated their entire repertory in rhombs and squares.