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2] Other important muscles involved in the seated row exercise are the posterior deltoids, trapezius and rhomboideus muscle groups.
In Brazil, the Nellore cattle presents high quantity of marbling in the Rhomboideus muscle, which is popularly known as "cupim", and thus it becomes a tender and juicy meat, much appreciated by Brazilians.
Los musculos evaluados son: Pectoralis major, Supracoracoideus, Coracobrachialis cranialis, Coracobrachialis caudalis, Scapulohumeralis, Subcoracoscapularis (pars subscapularis y pars subcoracoideus), Rhomboideus superficialis, Rhomboideus profundus, Extensor digitorum comunis, Deltoideus major, Deltoideus minor, Biceps brachii y Triceps brachii (pars scapulotriceps, pars humerotriceps y pars coracotriceps).
Shoulder shrug strength quantifies chiefly upper trapezius function, although levator scapulae and rhomboideus muscle groups also contribute some effort to this movement.
Nombre de los Musculos Nombre del Corte Psoas major y Psoas minor, pequenas porciones del Lomito Quadratus lumborum e lliacus Longissimus dorsi, Longissimus costarum, Solomo de Intertransversales lumborum, Trapezius y parte del cuerito Serratus, Rhomboideus y Deltoideus porcion proximal Biceps femoris Punta trasera Gluteus superficialis, medius y profundus Ganzo o entrecanto Semitendinosus Muchacho redondo Abductor, parte del Recto internus, Pectineus, Pulpa negra Semimembranosus Porcion dista
The spinal extensors: deep muscles--erector spinae: spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis, which inserts between the spinous and the transverse processes, its main role being to hold up the spine and ensure its stability; intermediate muscles: serratus posterior superior, serratus posterior inferior; superficial muscles: rhomboideus minor; these muscles are responsible for the movement.