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a parallelogram with four equal sides

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A shell that consists of a prismatic outer layer and rhombic calcitic semi-nacre inner layer characterizes Mackinnonia davidi as well as many stenothecid molluscs (Vendrasco et al.
To accommodate an increase in radio teletype transmissions to France, the ACS-PEA installed a rhombic antenna array at the Remote Transmitters station.
They are unlike leaves of extant Trapa which are triangular or rhombic in outline with an inflated petiole, distinct midvein, and coarse marginal teeth ending in a bi-fid apex; the latter is particularly diagnostic of the genus.
Causus Snouted Moist and dry Local pain, defilippii night savanna and swelling, adder coastal lymphangitis and thicket: local necrosis eastern Africa, from Kenya and Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to north - eastern South Africa Causus Eastern Savanna, from Local pain, rhombeatus rhombic eastern swelling, night adder Nigeria, lymphangitis and through local necrosis Central Africa, down to eastern half of South Africa
In the art form of kolam, dots called pulli are arranged in rhombic, square, triangular, or free shapes, and a single, uninterrupted linear or curvilinear line, called the kambi, intertwines the dots (Yanagisawa & Nagata, 2007).
80 eggs/nest) were spotted or blotched with dark brown concentrated on the rhombic pole and less scattered in the center on a cream-colored background (Fig.
foirni by the general colour pattern and the "pointed rhombic caudal fin" in males (Romer et al.
Reiner, Free arrangements and rhombic tilings, Discrete Comput.
This analysis has been made on the mono-crystal of cadmium antimony (CdSb), which has a crystalline rhombic net, has 16 atoms in the elementary cells, and crystallises in the group [D.
From the shell ventral margin, the last nacreous lamina formed exhibit crystals with rounded forms, followed by rhombic and hexagonal shapes toward the interior with irregular microstructure.
Crosslinking requires that the insoluble sulfur first revert to soluble rhombic sulfur, react with the accelerator and activators to form the activated sulfurating intermediate, and finally the complex reacts to form competitively sulfurated polymer and sulfur crosslinks.
Some of them are not of common leaf shape, but look rhombic or have short tangs (Zagorskis 1987, pl.
The French term is etymologically linked with the Italian suit term quadro, as well as the English word quarrel, which typically refers to rhombic window panes, while also allowing for puns upon matters of disagreement.
Tools were tungsten carbide covered inserts (CNMG 120404 MF235), rhombic, high tough and low wear resistance, in order to avoid premature fracture and to increase the wear rate.
In the present work, multilayer CVD coated ISO P-40, cemented carbide rhombic flat inserts of ISO specification CNMG 120408 with chip breaker and composition WC=75.