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any shrub of the genus Rhododendron: evergreen shrubs or small shrubby trees having leathery leaves and showy clusters of campanulate (bell-shaped) flowers

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The first rhododendron came to Bodnant Garden in 1910.
Head gardener John Rippin says: "It's great achievement for Bodnant Garden and a signifi-cant step towards safeguarding the wonderful rhododendron hybrids for which Bodnant became world famous.
The Siberian species of Rhododendron are of a considerable interest in this regard, and they also are insufficiently studied.
The larva can destroy a rhododendron by eating all of its roots.
The disease has hit rhododendron, bilberry and larch at the country park.
LAST week Amy wanted advice on removing the dead flowers from her rhododendron.
Over the last few years a lime-tolerant rhododendron has been developed.
WORKERS went down to clear up some woods and found a big surprise - an old safe dumped by robbers in rhododendron bushes.
They had burrowed under its celebrated rhododendron garden, which covers two-and-a half acres.
AN aggressive foreign shrub has been declared enemy number one in the South Pennines Volunteers braved the elements for three days in the uplands to tackle the scourge of the invasive rhododendron.
Fragrant deciduous azaleas like rhododendron luteum grow up to 6ft, and hardy hybrids can easily reach 8ft with large flowers.
Barsey (Sikkim), May 15(ANI): With the onset of summer season, tourists are thronging Sikkim to see rhododendron flowers sanctuary situated in Barsey area of the state.
It sold for pounds 7,800 and was called The Rhododendrons of Sikkim, India; he was also responsible for the rhododendron craze in England.
MYAGDI, May 8 -- Rhododendron conservation has gained momentum in Ghodepani area of Maygdi district.
There is the red flowering rhododendron meddianum "south lodge", which is a rarely seen species.