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any of a group of picornaviruses that are responsible for many upper respiratory infections

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7-9,10) Human rhinovirus is the most common respiratory virus identified in patients with respiratory infection and has been shown to result in increased symptoms and longer hospital stays.
patients, % N = 52 Positive Influenza only 14 27 Influenza A (H3) 10 19 Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 3 6 Influenza B 1 2 Noninfluenza only 13 25 Respiratory syncytial virus 1 2 Parainfluenza 3 2 4 Rhinovirus 3 6 Enterovirus 2 4 Human coronavirus 229E 2 4 Adenovirus 3 6 Co-infection 5 10 Influenza A (H3) and rhinovirus 1 2 Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and 1 2 rhinovirus Influenza B and rhinovirus 2 4 Parainfluenza 3 and rhinovirus 1 2 No.
Although the research was conducted on mouse cells, it offers clues that may benefit people, including the roughly 20% of us who harbor rhinovirus in our noses at any given time.
The new cold virus model was built "in silico," drawing on advanced bioinformatics and the genetic sequences of 500 rhinovirus C genomes, which provided the three-dimensional coordinates of the viral capsid.
Of the 55 samples received from primary care and tested since the end of June, four have tested positive for swine flu and four have tested positive for rhinovirus.
They were then given the common cold-causing rhinovirus.
They found that 42 per cent of surfaces showed traces of the rhinovirus responsible.
He found the strain, called Human Rhinovirus QPM, while working on viral research in Brisbane.
Hand-washing is the simplest and most effective way to keep away from getting rhinovirus cold," said Dr Ahmed.
They describe human asthma-related stimulators such as the rhinovirus and allergens, and in descriptions of animal asthma models they add dust mites and consider the relationship between virus-induced pulmonary disease and allergic asthma.
Infants who wheeze when they have the common cold or rhinovirus are three times more likely to be diagnosed with asthma by the time they are six years old, according to American researchers.
Then he used nasal drops to infect them with either a cold-causing rhinovirus or flu-causing influenza virus, and observed who got sick.
Many people suffer two or three rhinovirus or enterovirus infections each year.
Assuming John Doe always responds to rhinovirus number 3 by developing an MS attack, we might be able to tailor an immunization to rhinovirus number 3 just for him.