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surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the nose to drain accumulated pus

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27) Barnes quotes a recurrence rate of 0-30% within 2-3 years following lateral rhinotomy and medial maxillectomy.
11) Wide local excision via a lateral rhinotomy approach is the treatment of choice.
Removal is usually achieved via anterior rhinoscopy or endoscopy, although a lateral rhinotomy approach has been required in select cases in which complete removal through the nostrils or the posterior choanae was not possible due to the large size of the mass (13).
Three of the patients in the lateral rhinotomy group had epiphora and two patients had numbness in the cheek.
Traditionally the standard treatment for benign, intermediate and some malignant sinonasal tumours has been a lateral rhinotomy and medial maxillectomy (Fig.
There have been as many as 65 documented ways to remove JNA, with about 8 logical approaches: transnasal, transpalatal, transmandibular, transzygomatic, transantral through the bed of the hyoid bone, combined craniotomy and rhinotomy and lateral rhinotomy.
Treatment of choice is endoscopic removal, but in case of huge rhinolith lateral rhinotomy approach is considered.
Rhinotomy was done and the growth was surgically resected from its base of attachment to floor of nasal cavity.
The surgical approaches that can be used for infrasellar craniopharyngiomas include the lateral rhinotomy approach, Denker's medial maxillectomy approach, the transpalatal approach, and the transsphenoidal approach.
An open rhinoplasty approach along with a lateral rhinotomy was used to expose and then resect the tumor en bloc.
Lateral rhinotomy was the most frequently employed (n=13; 68.
al[26] (case 6) True hemangiopericytoma Compagno and 1976 42-79/ Nasal cavity, 20-70 Hyams[10] 9M, 14F n = 13 (23 cases) Ethmoid, n = 7 Sphenoethmoid, n = 3 Batsakis et 1983 79/F Nasal cavity 30 al[24] Eichhorn et 1990 50/F Middle 21 al[26] (case 8) turbinate Present case 1 2001 78/F Nasal cavity 25 Present case 2 2001 60/M Nasal cavity Source Spread Treatment Soft tissue--type hemangiopericytoma Stout[3] Orbit Excision Murashima[12] Nasal septum, Incomplete nasopharynx excision Lnczyk[15] Cribriform palate Local excision Craniotomy Benveniste None Partial and Harris[19] ethmoidectomy Cryosurgery Gudrun[22] Nasopharynx, Lateral rhinotomy frontal sinus, Radiation nasal cavity, anterior cranial fossa Tsuneyoshi .
All the cases were treated surgically by one of the following surgical methods--Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Intranasal endoscopic assisted excision, Lateral rhinotomy, Weber-Ferguson approach, Caldwell-Luc approach, combination of the above approaches or external excision.
After embolization of the tumor-feeding vessels from the ECA, surgery was performed through a previous lateral rhinotomy.
A right lateral rhinotomy and maxillectomy was performed and the tumour was excised.