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surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the nose to drain accumulated pus

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The patient was counseled about endoscopic removal of the mass and a possible lateral rhinotomy or medial maxillectomy.
For lesions that involve the ethmoid sinuses, a lateral rhinotomy approach is suitable.
Surgical excision via a lateral rhinotomy approach was performed.
A number of approaches have been described for excision, including lateral rhinotomy or a midline vertical, transverse, or midbrow incision.
For example, Myers et al found no recurrences among 13 patients whom they had treated with lateral rhinotomy with en bloc resection of the lateral nasal wall.
When a lesion arises primarily from the nasal septum, the tumor can be approached in a multitude of ways, including a Weber-Fergusson incision, a lateral rhinotomy, a sublabial transnasal approach, a LeFort I downfracture, an anterior craniofacial approach, an endoscopic resection, and a transseptal approach.
Surgical excision of the tumor initially involved transnasal endoscopic removal of the tumor, which was converted to an open lateral rhinotomy approach because of the extent of the tumor resection required and difficulty in assessing margins.
The patient underwent a right lateral rhinotomy and medial maxillectomy followed by adjuvant radiotherapy.
The patient underwent a right maxillectomy with orbital preservation via a lateral rhinotomy (figure 3, A).
The lesion was debulked through the rhinotomy incision.
Many surgical approaches to JNA have been used, including the transpalatal approach, medial maxillectomy, midfacial degloving, LeFort I surgery, lateral rhinotomy, and the infratemporal fossa approach.