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medical instrument consisting of a mirror mounted at an angle on a rod

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A right nasal polyp arising from the septum was observed under the rhinoscope.
Self Forming 28 Retractor Holders, Systems 28 Rongeurs 28 Scissors 28 Suturing Devices 28 Trocars 28 Other Scopes Colonoscopes 28 Duodenscopes 29 Enteroscopes 29 Esophagoscopes 29 Gastroscopes 29 Hysteroscopes 29 Laryngoscopes 29 Microscopes 29 Resectoscopes 29 Rhinoscopes 29 Scope Repair 29 Sigmoidoscopes 29 Video Products Cabinets/Cases 29 Cameras 29 Image Display Systems 29 Monitors 29 Printers 29 Video Systems 29
although founded by a urologist, also produced light bulbs for vaginal speculums, rectal speculums, esophagoscopes, bronchoscopes, and rhinoscopes.
of Alberox, New Bedford, MA Rhinoscopes Olympus America Inc.