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of or in or relating to the nose


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Rhinal said: "I decided to travel with no money upon arriving in Hong Kong because I met a girl in Taiwan who was very sad because she was adopted and felt that her adopted mother did not love her.
41, 42] recently reported a decrease of glycoconjugates metabolism in tissue of a rhinal polyp.
The MCA does not have a single segment, as one to three segments arise from the rostral branch of the internal carotid artery, travelling dorsolaterally, rostral to the pyriform lobe and the ventral surface of the rostral perforated substance, reaching the lateral rhinal furrow, dorso-laterally and rostral-laterally spreading in the cerebral hemispheres (Fig.
In patients with social phobia presented with a stressful public speaking task, successful treatment with citalopram or group cognitive--behavioral therapy was associated with a decrease in blood flow to the amygdala, hippocampus, and the periamygdaloid, rhinal, and parahippocampal regions of the cortex, when compared to a control group of patients who were placed on a treatment waiting list (Arch.
Additional work towards fractioning the effects of temporal lobe damage, and identifying the physiologic function of the rhinal cortices in particular, has seen major advances in recent years (e.
As volunteers study word lists, clusters of neurons in the rhinal cortex and the hippocampus--adjacent brain areas already implicated in memory--fire synchronized electrical bursts that pave the way for remembering those words later, argue Jurgen Fell of the University of Bonn in Germany and his colleagues.
We use most of the rhinal cortex and the lower inner surface of the temporal lobes (the essential parts of the brain connected to perceptual and procedural learning) to construct and put to use memories that are vital in adding texture and meaningful complexity to our spatial maps.
The labour-physician analysis concluded: global brain-cortical atrophy mainly in the posterior frontal-temporal and left-parietal regions, partial epileptic reaction (illusive and affective psychosensorial crisis, signs of senile dementia, chronic rhinosinusitis (atopic rhinitis, severe deviation and iathrogenic perforation of rhinal septum, sinusitis and other pathologies.
Other products include ACTHREL[R] (corticorelin ovine triflutate for injection) for the differential diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome and DESMOPRESSIN ACETATE in injectable and rhinal tube forms for the treatment of diabetes insipidus and primary nocturnal enuresis.