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a public speaker


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This chapter proves especially useful in demonstrating the differences in priorities between ancient and early modern rhetoricians and among English writers.
Here too is language, especially analogy and metaphor, as used by poets, rhetoricians, politicians, and historians.
Gone are the days of rabble rousing rhetoricians such as Neil Kinnock, the man who really set this train in motion.
A 5 day event under the expert guidance of revered yogis and rhetoricians, this festival will be an international affair attracting people from all walks of life.
She argues that the wilful eccentricity displayed by their writing elevated the rhetorical eloquence of the English language during a time when rhetoricians and pedagogues were realising the unique difficulty of applying Latin and Greek theories of eloquence to a supposedly barbarous tongue.
His bardocentric title is not so much misleading as a disservice to his topic, which investigates emulative theory from ancient Roman rhetoricians through to drama written a decade after Shakespeare's death.
One technique taught by the old rhetoricians would have been more than useful to the Labour leader.
Elsa Strietman and Peter Happe have edited For Pleasure and Profit Six Dutch Rhetoricians Plays Volume Two: Three Classical Plays (9780866984782, $60.
But in classical Rome the great orator and theorist Cicero challenged rhetoricians to strive for sincerity, logic and clarity of thought.
After recounting the stories of the recovery of classical rhetorical texts, Mack proceeds to summarize the texts of Quatrocento Italian rhetoricians.
Augustus, we learn, saw much of Rome's historians, philosophers, and rhetoricians.
I explain how the utopian impulse is inherent in rhetorical theory from ancient to modern times, including examples from Plato, Cicero, eighteenth-century rhetoricians Hugh Blair and George Campbell, and modern rhetorician Kenneth Burke.
Perry highlights the importance of the passages that interrupt the sequence by calling attention to the way rhetoricians used digressions in their speeches.
5) We shall see that Aristotle resolves Plato's ambivalence towards rhetoricians and poets by integrating rhetoric into a robust but measured account of the practical and political virtues.
It is practiced by minor rhetoricians for a minority people, a people to come.