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a public speaker


Synonyms for rhetorician

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As a trained rhetorician, I found the lack of engagement with existing work on rhetorical criticism puzzling, particularly since Reyes claims that his work is interdisciplinary.
RAWALPINDI -- Awami Muslim League's (AML) rhetorician, Sheikh Rashid, who is never tired of hauling the government on coals, Friday said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was the top tyrant party in Pakistan.
She added that 'perhaps the greatest rhetorician of the 19th century, Frederick Douglass, who in fact attended the White House reception after Lincoln's second inauguration in March 1865, is nowhere to be seen or heard,' the report said.
The rhetorician Quintillian said of his odes: "He can be lofty sometimes, yet he is also full of charm and grace, versatile in his figures and felicitiously daring in his choice of words.
I explain how the utopian impulse is inherent in rhetorical theory from ancient to modern times, including examples from Plato, Cicero, eighteenth-century rhetoricians Hugh Blair and George Campbell, and modern rhetorician Kenneth Burke.
On the magazine's website, its editor Graydon Carter remembers Hitchens, describing him as a "brilliant wit, matchless rhetorician, and masterful critic.
So described, they are capable of being misdirected and misused: a rhetorician can give clever arguments for a bad cause; he can calculatively and deliberately act harmfully.
20) A minor rhetorician is "a physician, the physician of himself and of the world.
Beneath that, there's a 'Wise Words' quote from the Roman rhetorician and writer Seneca the Elder (c.
Dewey's competent social scientist and Isocrates' capable rhetorician would have the same skill set: the ability to define and solve social problems in a condition of uncertainty.
Disraeli once declared of Gladstone: "He is a sophistical rhetorician, inbraited by the exuberance of his own verbosity.
The first two essays consider early rhetorician texts: the fourteenth-century Maastricht Passion Play written in the Ripuarian dialect and the fifteenth-century Bliscapen texts on the Joys of Mary.
22) Such a real time--the only time we actually have, according to Agamben--is an occasion to live in the manner called for by Paul the Apostle, as if we were not in the stations in which we find ourselves, whether that be married or not, male or female, Jew or Christian, theologian or rhetorician.
No great rhetorician, Jagerstatter's arguments were straightforward and forceful: This is not God's war.
275 BC), and said to have been quoted by Roman rhetorician Quintillian (Marcus Fabius Quintillianus) (ca 39 to ca 95 AD):</p> <pre> Roma, tibi subito motibus ibit amor,