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Synonyms for rhetorical

Synonyms for rhetorical

of or relating to the art of public speaking

characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style

Antonyms for rhetorical

given to rhetoric, emphasizing style at the expense of thought

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Further, by rhetorically shifting the scandal onto Indian practices like sati (the notorious suicide/murder of Hindu widows) and thugi (an alleged cult of highway murderers), Britons displaced the putative need for the British Empire onto the Indians.
Cohen asked rhetorically after he was called up to the podium to receive his award, referring to his many friends in the room and most directly to his wife of almost 50 years, Adrianne.
Jan Egeland, under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, said he asked the Security Council, rhetorically, where else in the world 80% of the fighters in a rebel movement were children and 90% of the population had been displaced from their homes.
Needless to say, that final question was not treated rhetorically and there was a resounding "No" shouted back to the stage.
Although its commonplaces rhetorically bind the author to her patrons, the Relaciones also bespeak her desire to let her voice be heard.
Andrews's trenchant assessment is worth quoting: "The tonal tensions in the black man's opening paragraph--instanced in oxymoronic formulations such as 'allowable freedom'--surface repeatedly in Banneker's ostensibly deferential mode of address, making his letter among the most rhetorically provocative short texts in early African American literature.
Given that the British Empire was moribund anyway, was it ever worth making common cause, even rhetorically, with a tyrant like Stalin under the slogan of anti-imperialism?
Rattling off the names of some 25 right-wing television pundits, Alterman rhetorically inquires, "Who among the liberals can be counted upon to be as ideological, as relentless, and as nakedly partisan as George Will, Bob Novak, Pat Buchanan.
Jenkins, executive vice president of Daratech Cambridge, MA), a market research and technology assessment Firm, rhetorically asked at its Intelligent Digital Prototyping Strategies For Automotive and OFF-Highway Strategies Workshop held last month in Novi, Michigan.
Brazile asked rhetorically, "Who wins a Senate seat and says, 'That's as far as I'm going?
I am sure he thought I was just speaking rhetorically,' Giuliani wrote of the president's reaction.
Content neither with direct testimony nor with scholarly analysis, God-Sent attempts to combine the two, alternating rhetorically between doubt and acceptance, outsider and insider.
researchers need to distinguish not only the differences in rhetorical patterns in a form of communication but also in the ways that form is used rhetorically.
Rhetorically speaking, journal writing calls its own name in each and every entry of the journal, in each and every trace that fills the blanks of the calendar.
Obviously this helps with structural stability in an area which is effectively two storeys high without structural partitions, but rhetorically also it helps free up the space with arrival ramp and cafeteria, making them larger in scale, more dynamic.