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Abbas, who aims to pursue statehood through political means at international level, has no interest in encouraging violence, and Israel's accusations are a rhetorical device aimed at harming his diplomatic drive, they said.
I am purposefully shying away from the subsequent political realities because they are beyond the scope of classical analysis of specific rhetorical devices.
Capital responded to labour's gains during the New Deal Era with a rhetorical device to explain their position in the workplace.
Pragmatic dependents, the last rhetorical device category, is probably the first to come to mind as ambiguous.
But anybody who uses it as a rhetorical device suggesting that U.
Yet I think an even more advanced rhetorical device was employed beyond his manipulative conjoining, his close-to-subliminal personalising, of the groups 'Liberal politician' with 'Australian soldier' and 'Australian citizen': Nelson constructed his prose in just such a way as to conjoin the disparate categories of 'victim' with that of 'generic Afghan' and 'deplorable Taliban'.
Indeed, Christian rhetoric against other groups, be they Jews or Gnostics, often included the charges that said groups reckoned their identity in a fixed manner in contrast to Christianity's fluidity: "Ethnic reasoning is an effective rhetorical device for those seeking to gain authority for their visions of Christianness in part because they can use it to persuade readers to think of themselves and others using collective strategies" (p.
That is, metaphor--the stuff and stuffing of poetry--is not merely a rhetorical device but inherent in the perception and naming of objects.
These ID advocates are annoying but little more than temporary gadflies whose main rhetorical device is an argument from personal ignorance.
Northrop Frye (1957) made a waspish academic wisecrack on the subject: "the fallacy of what in history is called determinism, where a scholar with a special interest in geography or economics expresses that interest by the rhetorical device of putting his favourite subject into a causal relationship with whatever interests him less.
He employs every rhetorical device, devastating opponents with ridicule, cleverly undermining their reasoning.
This constituted a useful rhetorical device and means of coordination between the President and Congress over budget issues, once the President and a working majority in Congress agreed that they wanted deficit reduction--but PAYGO was also tossed aside when changing circumstances (and a changed President and Congress) led to less desire for deficit reduction.
Welty correctly identifies this as pretentious and prejudiced humbuggery whose main rhetorical device is question begging.
His apparent reliance on Roman models is to be understood fundamentally as a rhetorical device designed to appeal to the prejudices of the humanist-oriented Italian elite of his day.
Word Ways readers may recall that Mardy Grothe published in 1999 Never Let a Fool Kiss You or a Kiss Fool You, a celebration of the rhetorical device known as chiasmus.