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of southern Asia

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Differential detection of mucosal B virus and rhesus cytomegalovirus in rhesus macaques.
RHESUS FACTORAN important minor blood group, the presence of the Rhesus factor means that a woman has Rhesus-positive blood.
He and his two colleagues observed this hostile behaviour in wild rhesus monkeys in Puerto Rico, reports Live Science.
In February 2002, a total of 25 emergency personnel were exposed to fluids from an injured adult male rhesus monkey that had been struck by an automobile in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
Control of the onset of puberty has been widely studied in humans, rhesus monkeys and sheep.
In a rhesus monkey model of chemotherapy protection, HE3210 enhanced regeneration of neutrophils, platelets and red blood cells in animals receiving carboplatin.
The mangabeys respond to SIV in a manner similar to rhesus macaques, which get sick, or to humans infected with HIV, but the mangabeys do not get sick," said first author Dr.
Without any training, rhesus monkeys recognize when the number of other monkeys' voices that they hear corresponds to the number of monkeys' faces that they see.
Postmortem histopathologic examination of brains of fatally infected rhesus monkeys have shown a mild, nonsuppurative, multifocal, perivascular encephalitis in the cerebral cortex, primarily of lymphoplasmacytic cells and nodular aggregates of neutrophils in association with mild necrotic change of neurons (11).
The 57-year-old has the very rare O rhesus negative blood group.
Six of seven rhesus monkeys in the experiment became infected with the monkey AIDS virus, or SIV, even though there were no sores, cuts or gum disease in their mouths, the scientists report in an article being published today in the journal Science.
Rhesus Macaque -- A second-generation rhesus macaque microarray developed by the Michael Katze Laboratory and the Primate Genomics Division of the Washington National Primate Center, University of Washington, is now available.
During the study, the researchers showed five-month-old infants from English- and French-speaking homes a sequence of individually presented pictures of human faces and rhesus monkey faces paired either with human speech or with rhesus vocalizations.
And a honeybee's memory is flexible enough to perform a simplified version of a task employed to test memory in rhesus monkeys.
At one Louisiana primate facility, macaque and rhesus monkey escapes are virtually routine.