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an instrument for measuring the flow of liquids (especially arterial blood)

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The new rheometer includes motor drive, base frame, vane, power supply and cables.
Designed for measurements under pressure of up to 600 bar, the new portable Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer is used for determining the rheological behavior of crude oil and drilling and fracturing fluids.
The rheometers are equipped with Connect Assist technology, first introduced with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer.
Bohlin and its portfolio of rheometers became part of Malvern Instruments in 2003, adding the strengths in rheometer design that resulted in the launch of the Kinexus range of rotational rheometers in 2008.
Both dies were made to very tight tolerances from tungsten carbide by electron discharge machining (EDM), and were designed to fit the customer's Kayeness capillary extrusion rheometer.
Their flow behaviors are very complicated and you really need to understand them, but in a traditional rheometer your sample for a single test is a large percentage of what you just spent two months making," he added.
In order to calibrate this original stand, a Brookfiled rheometer CAP2000+ was used, equipped with a cone and plate geometry (Figure 2).
Kinexus incorporates technological innovations in the most critical areas of rheometer design, from sample preparation and loading, through measurement set-up and operation, to data analysis and reporting.
However, a rheometer provides a more accurate picture since some viscometers may measure in too narrow a range, he said.
The results of these experiments are discussed and compared with data provided by the ICAR rheometer, a portable rheometer designed for measuring concrete rheology.
In a previous paper (8) we performed a rheokinetic study of the bulk free radical polymerization of styrene and n-butylmethacrylate with a cone and plate rheometer.
Rheometric's SR and ATRA controlled stress rheometer, the DMAT dynamic mechanical analyzer, and the thermal analysis products will be discontinued, and its viscometers, capillary and process rheometers will be divested.
After recently upgrading to the Paar Physica USD 200 Rheometer, researchers at the Dow laboratories in North America, Asia, and Europe can study the interaction of coating and paper by measuring rheology of the coating directly on the base paper.
The STRESSTECH HR from ATS RheoSystems and REOLOGICA Instruments, Lund, Sweden, is a high-performance research-grade rheometer that offers enhanced position resolution and ultra-low torque capability.
Models offered include the Premier RPA (rubber process analyzer), Premier Mooney viscometer, Premier moving die rheometer, Premier high capacity automation module, MDR-C moving die rheometer, disperGrader aView precision dispersion testing analyzer, and more.