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of or relating to rheology

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MEnstedt investigates how the rheological characteristics of polymers in filled polymers and polymer blends affect how the polymer interacts with matrix molecules and how heterogeneous phases interact with each other, which in turn affects processing.
We have previously published data on the rheological and electrical MWNT/HDPE composite characteristics of this polymer/nanotube system for the untreated CNTs [13, 36].
Designed for measurements under pressure of up to 600 bar, the new portable Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer is used for determining the rheological behavior of crude oil and drilling and fracturing fluids.
The composite of polystyrene/polyethylene nanoparticles was produced in this research and its rheological behavior was studied.
Rheological models (the phenomena of deformation alteration over time are known as rheological ones) visualize the nature of changes in material stresses and deformation depending on its structure determining its properties under mechanical impact.
Alpaslan and Hayta [2] studied the rheological and sensory properties of a mixture of grape juice and sesame paste with different concentrations of grape juice (i.
Sensory viscosity was highly correlated with destructive rheological parameters.
Seong-Gi Baek, President and Chief Executive of RheoSense, Inc, said: "Working with Malvern Instruments, a company known For its rheological application expertise and global support network, will help us to extend application of the VROC technology.
By measuring the PSDs (cement particle size distribution (PSD)) of both mixture components, it was found that both particle densities and particle surface areas, as determined from these measured PSDs, are critical parameters influencing rheological response.
Magneto-rheological fluids (MRF) are a class of materials whose rheological properties may be rapidly altered by applying a magnetic field [1].
The rheological behaviour and flow properties of fruit pulps have a significant role in the food industry as they govern product development, design, and the evaluation of process equipment such as pumps, piping, heat exchangers, evaporators, sterilisers, and mixers (AHMED et al.
Investigation of rheological indices, allows evaluation of influence of accessory and active substances on structuralmechanical and elastic-viscoplastic properties of gel preparations.
Chapters in part I explain methods for measuring the rheological behavior of concrete, covering topics such as the rheometry of complex suspensions, concrete rheometers, industrial testing, and the rheology of cement during setting.
However, trial-and-error is still the most prevalent approach when it comes to addressing rheological issues.
With a compact footprint, the rugged device performs both routine rheological tests, such as single point viscosity checks for QC, and complex rheological evaluation for R&D.