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of or relating to rheology

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Rheologic alterations in this study may be the most important factor, saline improves mucociliary clearance, this may be a result of the saline increasing the depth and thinning of the sol layer of mucous.
Gender difference in rheologic properties of blood and risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Sensorial and rheologic evaluation of a chocolate-based drink produced with water-soluble soybean extract and cheese whey.
SonneNatura [R] - An all natural emollient with all the sensory, moisture retention and rheologic properties of petrolatum.
Vocal fold oscillation is highly dependent on the rheologic properties of the anatomic constituents of these folds.
The speciality pharmaceutical firm said its current lead product candidates included ANX-188, a new, purified, rheologic and antithrombotic compound initially being developed as a first-in-class therapy for children with sickle cell disease in acute crisis, and ANX-514, a detergent-free formulation of the chemotherapy drug docetaxel.
Rheologic properties were determined using an ARES Rheometer from TA Instruments.
SynthRx develops a purified form of a rheologic and antithrombotic agent, poloxamer 188.
Prolongation of the "delay time of gelation" in excess of the capillary transit time may allow the erythrocyte to traverse the capillary bed to escape to the arterial side before there is rheologic impairment of the erythrocyte from polymerization of sickle hemoglobin.
and Pysklywec (2008), but rather than focusing on near surface and crustal-scale consequences, we will discus the effects of rheologic stratification and initial geotherm on upper mantle structure.
The emplacement process of this pluton will fit better a description of emplacement-ascent driven by buoyancy and regional stress as a viscoelastic diapir in the sense of Miller and Paterson (1999), where the rheologic behavior of the country rock varies both temporally and spatially from brittle to ductile.
In COPD there are noted: updates in rheologic features of blood by a type of hyperviscosity syndrome leading to disorders of pulmonary and myocardial microcirculation; state of ventilation, hemodynamic and tissue hypoxia; formation of secondary arterial pulmonary hypertension that reinforces pressure on right section of the heart and, therefore, increases a need of myocardium in oxygen, restricts coronary fraction of cardiac output and aggravates myocardial ischemia of both ventricles that results in progression of cardio-pulmonary failure (Chuchalina, 2003).
The whole area stabilizes and the phase of rheologic after-subsidence takes place.