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of or relating to rheology

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Systemic alterations in rheologic factors, including blood coagulability and whole blood viscosity as a result of exposure to PM, represent other potential mechanisms of PM toxicity (Pekkanen et al.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 25, 2006 - (JCN) - Shimadzu Corporation has released an upgraded testing machine for use in the strength testing of materials such as resin, rubber and film, and the short stroke testing of small electronic parts, as well as for rheologic, medical and cosmetic tests.
The instrument enables a single test to be performed with one, two, or three test weights in increasing or decreasing weight order to provide initial rheological data, including shear sensitivity and initial points of the rheologic curve.
CAL induces turbulent blood flow, a rheologic phenomenon known to induce both neointimalization and atherogenesis.
6] Da, leading us to suppose that the fine structure of these polysaccharides and thus their particular hygroscopic, rheologic and viscoelastic properties may be essential for the wound-healing promoter activity observed.
Temporary hemostasis is achieved, but it is only temporary and usually inadequate, in part because of rheologic factors that tend to disturb the platelet plug.
Popular examples include Goettfert's Rheotester 500 extrusion plastomer, which is both a rheometer and a melt indexer; Dynisco's LCR 7001; Ceast's Rheologic 2500; Malvern Instruments' (Rosand) RH2100; and Thermo Electron's (Haake) RheoCap S20.
As such, they have much better rheologic properties and are able to diffuse into and deliver OZ to poorly vascularized hypoxic tissues.
Goshen--The company's first product was RheoLogic for the rubber industry, followed by MooneyLogic and TensiLogic.
More interesting show up those of viscosity (and its dependance from temperatures), and further those of presence of particulate matter: both seem to us logically related to the dry matter difference, which may well denote the presence, besides solutes, of a dispersed phase, modifier of rheologic properties.
Han and Nam [10] studied the variation in thermodynamic and rheologic properties in PSF casting solution by adding PVP.
The Company's lead product candidate is ANX-188, a rheologic, antithrombotic and cytoprotective agent that improves microvascular blood flow and has potential application in treating a wide range of diseases and conditions, such as complications arising from sickle cell disease.
SonneNatural[R] - finally an all natural emollient with all the sensory, moisture retention and rheologic properties of petrolatum.
Cohen et al suggested that local rheologic changes produced by the pneumatic tourniquet result in venous thrombosis with subsequent embolisation on tourniquet deflation(1).
15,16) Conservative management of suspected PLF may entail bed rest and antiphlogistic or rheologic therapy.