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any of a group of arboviruses including those causing rabies

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The amino acid sequence of the G protein consisted of 669 aa and contained an N terminal signal peptide (1-MYHLIVLLVMLGQRAVA-17), a noncytoplasmic domain (aa 18-646), a transmembrane domain (647-ITAILMPLLSLAVVVGIIMCC-667), and a cytoplasmic tail of 2 aa, similar to other rhabdovirus G proteins as predicted by using Phobius and TMHMM (http://www.
During the re-stocking of the farms, the agency tested fish for exposure to tench rhabdovirus from rivers and stillwaters before using them as broodstock.
Total DNA and RNA were extracted from tissue samples (brain, liver, lung, and heart) and subjected to reverse transcription PCR for rhabdovirus and flavivirus (2).
An arbovirus expert in CDC has stated: "Chandipura virus, an infrequently recognized rhabdovirus, was attributed to large outbreaks of viral encephalitis; however, compelling evidence suggests that the relationship of illness and the virus are questionable" (17).
This virus is a rhabdovirus in the same class as the IHN virus that has caused fish mortalities in the region's salmon and steelhead hatcheries.
We report genetic and phylogenetic characterization of a dolphin rhabdovirus (DRV) and evaluated the seroprevalence of DRV-neutralizing antibodies by using serum samples from various marine mammals collected during a 10-year period (2003-2012).
The characterization of a novel rhabdovirus in bats with a history of human contact raises questions for further research, including health effects on the virus' hosts, seroprevalence, possible transmission by insect vectors, and the extent of zoonotic exposure in humans.
A novel rhabdovirus associated with acute hemorrhagic fever in central Africa.
9% identity to representative rhabdovirus sequences that are available for this region of the genome) (data not shown).
This study, together with an earlier study of the portal of entry of a rhabdovirus (infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus) in salmonids (30), suggests that the skin of teleost fish represents an efficient portal of entry for certain viruses.