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any of a group of arboviruses including those causing rabies

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Maize sterile stunt--a delphacid transmitted rhabdovirus disease affecting some maize genotypes in Australia.
La leprosis de los citricos es una de las enfermedades virales mas graves que se ha presentado en Suramerica, no obstante, se han encontrado otros tipos de rhabdovirus, relacionados con el que afecta a los citricos, atacando cultivos de cafe, maracuya, orquideas y varias plantas ornamentales, y todos ellos tienen como vector una de las especies B.
However, this patient had no history of foreign travel and no evidence of infection with KCV, the only other rhabdovirus associated with bats in North America.
Structures of individual rhabdovirus proteins have been reported in Science and other high-profile journals, but until now, how they are organized into a bullet shape has remained unclear," said study author Z.
Conserved characteristics of the rhabdovirus nucleoprotein.
Current worldwide deployment of US forces into the endemic rabies regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa pose an additional risk from this deadly, bullet-shaped Rhabdovirus.
The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral heamorrhagic septicaemia rhabdovirus (VHSV).
It is caused by an aquatic rhabdovirus, of which four strains have been identified.
Picornavirus, rhabdovirus, and HIV in cell culture supernatants retain infectivity after RNAlater stabilization (5).
De ellos, cinco han sido identificados en Venezuela (Malaguti, 2000; Lastra y Trujillo, 1976): el virus del mosaico del maiz (maize mosaic rhabdovirus, MMV), el virus del mosaico de la cana de azucar (sugarcane mosaic potyvirus, SCMV), el virus del rayado del maiz (maize stripe tenuivirus, MStpV) conocido en el pais como "hoja blanca", el virus del mosaico enanizante del maiz (maize dwarf mosaic potyvirus, MDMV) y el virus dei rayado fino del maiz (maize fine stripe marafivirus, MRFV).
He added there was no evidence yet the rare Tench Rhabdovirus, which has never been confirmed in Ireland, was the cause.
Antibodies to tench rhabdovirus were detected, indicating that the fish have been exposed to the disease during their lifetimes.
It follows the decision to destroy around one million fry following an outbreak of the rare Tench Rhabdovirus at the Agency's fish farms at Leyland in Lancashire and Calverton in Nottinghamshire.
Within the Rhabdoviridae, we investigated infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) and viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) whose placements in the family remain controversial, as well as the unclassified Sigma virus and a trout isolate known as Rhabdovirus 903/87.
Alternatively, taro bobone virus might have emerged locally from the complex of rhabdoviruses or rhabdovirus strains (see Pearson et al.