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Synonyms for rewrite

Synonyms for rewrite

to prepare a new version of

the act or process of revising

Synonyms for rewrite

something that has been written again

rewrite so as to make fit to suit a new or different purpose

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Undergraduate students then revised and rewrote their report.
That and the Rena-Youngblood scenes were the parts that I rewrote.
I rewrote the first guy, and then Rupert [Everett] rewrote me," he says with a smile.
And ``Pirates'' is about how two famously public men and their equally brilliant college buddies rewrote human history, creating the personal computer and the software that makes it go - and helping turn the world's economy, culture and sense of itself upside down.
Ten years after 1982 legislation rewrote the S corporation statutes, the IRS issued proposed regulations providing guidance on distribution and basis rules (proposed regulations 1.