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Synonyms for rewrite

Synonyms for rewrite

to prepare a new version of

the act or process of revising

Synonyms for rewrite

something that has been written again

rewrite so as to make fit to suit a new or different purpose

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If I want to back up to a rewriteable CD-ROM, the Roxio software also works with Comparator to update the files.
Configurability is number two - being able to build to order with networking options, rewriteable drives, etc.
One of the articles, by Huntly and Partridge, is included, with a different title, in Rewriteable Optical Storage Technology, also noted in this column.
The Geode system features an app and an iPhone case with a fingerprint scanner, e-ink display and patented rewriteable GeoCard.
Cassettes should preferably have rewriteable label to avoid mix up of patient name / ID with image data before the same is brought to the CR reader / Digitizer from X-Ray room for cassette scanning / reading.
7 GB non-cartridge discs -- the first rewriteable DVD blank media manufactured in the United States -- started in September, and the discs are being distributed through Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC) and other Panasonic Sales Companies in North, Central and South America.
The "random-access reference volume" (disk subsystem) is rewriteable magnetic disk storage used for quick search and display of messages, as well as access to e-mail attachments.
DVD-RW and DVD-R are similar systems using rewriteable discs - you get about 1000 rewrites.
Taking its place are a variety of new magnetic and optical media, ranging from recordable and rewriteable CDs (CD-R and CD-RW) to Zip disks and superdisks.
A rewriteable identity card reference 3368089 for daily visitors will also be required.
According to the company, the new tag can be imprinted with custom logos and barcodes by library staff, and is rewriteable to allow compliance with a future ISO tag data standard and country-specific standards.
Sony's WORM-enabled AIT and SAIT solutions, for example, can act as rewriteable or write-once drives depending on what type of media is inserted into the drive.
Thinfilm Memory is a non-volatile, rewriteable ferroelectric memory marketed originally for toys and games.
More specifically, these opportunities include record-once and rewriteable CD and DVD technologies housed within jukebox storage devices.
TOKYO & OSLO -- Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") today announced receipt of its first engineering order for Thinfilm Passive Array Memory[TM], a non-volatile rewriteable fully-printed memory suitable for a number of applications, including use in secure documents and value cards.