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Synonyms for rewrite

Synonyms for rewrite

to prepare a new version of

the act or process of revising

Synonyms for rewrite

something that has been written again

rewrite so as to make fit to suit a new or different purpose

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The DBE is aware that some learners who did not cheat will have to rewrite the examinations; however this is the unfortunate consequence which is vital in maintaining the credibility of the NSC examinations in the country.
Organizations wishing to port client-server or older web applications to new Mobile, Web and Cloud architectures face resource-consuming manual rewrites.
A rewrite man wrote a story about a man who was found hanged in the basement of his home.
Laser heating, in effect, weakens the magnetization so that researchers can write and rewrite on these materials using a smaller magnetic field.
But for the first time hackers are sending programs into computer systems to automatically rewrite Web sites.
The DSAMS training module is expected to come on-line within the next two years and will require a major rewrite of the TMS software.
Sony, HP, and Teac offer SCSI and IDE/ATAPI drives (Teac offers a USB version too), but none can rewrite faster than 4X and, until recently, only SCSI drives could push rewrite speeds up even to 4X.
The Tax Law Rewrite Committee was set up four years ago to tackle this very problem.
You may have to spend some time rounding material up, but it's a big time-saver in the end, because you and your reviewers won't have to rewrite the writer's attempts to describe a product or technology that has already been clearly and succinctly described in other documents.
She dwells with great detail and sympathy on such works as Edward Bond's Lear, Barrie Keefe's King of England and A Mad World My Masters (the former is a rewrite of King Lear involving a black subway driver who divides his assets before returning to Trinidad), Howard Barker's rewrites of King Lear and Women Beware Women, Derek Jarman's Edward II, and Peter Greenaway's film, The Cook, The Thief His Wife and Her Lover (continuously listed as a loose adaption of Ford's Tis Pity She's a Whore).
For example: Take the sentence "After careful consideration, we have made a determination that fiscal prudence dictates that we refrain from taking action at this time" and rewrite it: "We have thought carefully and determined it would not be fiscally prudent for us to act at this time.
Delvoye, Gomez-Pena & Fusco rewrite authenticity as border art.
After a recent meeting with the SPI Food, Drug and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee, federal FDA Deputy Commissioner For Policy, Michael Taylor said his agency may be willing to rewrite the preamble to the controversial Final Rule on Colorants for Polymers, giving industry more self-regulation in the matter.
Hollywood had tried several times to rewrite its DOS-based COBOL point-of-sale (POS) application, of some 1.
5 MG Tank program rewrite and PLC replacement, Mica Pump Station program rewrite, CD Pump Station program rewrite, as well as 1.