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The four-year term loan will mature on 11 August 2021 and the revolving credit facility has a two-year commitment and matures on 11 August 2019.
Healthcare real estate Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE:DOC) reported on Thursday the completion of a new unsecured revolving credit facility plus pay off of its secured revolving credit facility.
Under the new $140 million revolving credit facility (the "2011 Revolving Credit Facility"), the interest rate spread over the LIBOR base rate was reduced from a 3.
The company has substantial experience as an owner and operator of office properties in the New York metropolitan area, as well as proven access to unsecured capital through term loans, revolving credit agreements and trust preferred securities.
Further, any future borrowings under the new revolving credit facility that matures on 5 June 2019, will be used for general corporate purposes.
Commenting on the facility, the company's Chief Financial Officer, Mark Cozzi, said that "With the closing of the JPMorgan Chase revolving credit facility, Leor has achieved an important and impressive milestone.
Cosmetics company Revlon Inc (NYSE:REV) said on Thursday that it has completed the refinancing of its new USD140m 2011 revolving credit facility.
The interest rate on the 2006 Revolving Credit Facility, of which approximately $57 million was drawn at the closing, was reduced from LIBOR plus 2.
acting as Administrative Agent on the 2006 Term Loan Facility and 2006 Revolving Credit Facility.
Consistent with these new financing arrangements, the proceeds of the new term loans were used to repay, in full, all outstanding obligations under the term loan facility previously provided by Bank of America pursuant to the terms of Quaker's May 18, 2005 senior secured credit facility with the Bank, and the Company's Bank of America loan agreement was amended and restated to reflect the terms of the new revolving credit facility.
revolving credit facility of $150 million (the "US Revolver"), which includes a sub-facility of $20 million for letters of credit, and a $350 million term loan (the "Term Loan").
s (TOA) revolving credit facility, senior unsecured notes and senior subordinated notes to reflect the changes in priority of debt repayments following TOA's $800 million revolving credit facility being changed from an unsecured facility to a secured facility.
Senior unsecured debt and revolving credit facility 'BB+';
Amended Floor Plan and Revolving Credit Facilities Support Future Growth Beyond $2 Billion Sales Mark