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Synonyms for revoke

Synonyms for revoke

to take back or remove

Synonyms for revoke

the mistake of not following suit when able to do so

fail to follow suit when able and required to do so

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This is an extremely hard prohibition to overcome, as it would seem the only reason (with the possible exception of administrative burden) to revoke a Sec.
9100-2(b), a calendar year partnership that filed its 1999 return by April 17 still should be able to revoke its Sec.
We take them in, revoke or suspend their licenses and suddenly we have a new problem - revoked or suspended drivers on the road.
In some instances, the buyer is granted the right to revoke his original acceptance of the goods.
The decision revokes not only the United Kingdom Patent, but the equivalent patent in all European countries where it was in force through grant by the EPO.
Global Banking News-September 22, 2014--Russian regulator revokes more banks' licenses
Under the new rules, a newly filed power of attorney revokes any previously filed power of attorney, but not a previously filed tax information authorization.
Headline of the release should read: Medical Board of California Accusation Leads to Surrender of Pasadena Physician's Medical License (sted Medical Board of California Revokes Medical License of Pasadena Physician).