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Synonyms for revocable

capable of being revoked or annulled

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The Book Of Eli is an involving trek through a world i r revocably scarred by catastrophic destruction: broken highways littered with the shells of abandoned vehicles, makeshift towns full of thieves and murderers, seared earth as far as the eye can see.
She revocably names a trust she previously established as beneficiary of the proceeds.
Another example: A bought insurance on the life of B, revocably designating as beneficiary Y, trustee of a trust established by A.
A concept advocated is a survivor life stand-by trust, which can be revocably established by the spouse with the longer life expectancy.
16) In Letter Ruling 9532001,(17) a taxpayer had created an irrevocable trust for the benefit of nine grandchildren, who waived their rights to withdraw the initial gift and revocably waived their rights to receive notices of future withdrawal rights.