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Synonyms for revitalize

Synonyms for revitalize

to impart renewed energy and strength to (a person)

to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence

Synonyms for revitalize

give new life or vigor to


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LANCASTER -- Residents and business people can offer their suggestions on how to revitalize downtown in meetings today and Saturday.
DWR is a leading California water policy agency and a partner with other public agencies and stakeholders in efforts to revitalize the Delta.
Today's announcement is part of the long-term plan unveiled in April 2006 to revitalize The Beverly Hilton property.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) allocated $715,000 to revitalize Tribeca Park.
Mary Leslie, the LABC's president, said the business community citywide is behind the Los Angeles Unified School District's construction program, saying it was necessary to better educate students, spur the economy and revitalize neighborhoods.
Buyers Plan to Revitalize Garfield & Marks and Womyn Brands
We're trying to come up with a long-term plan and strategy for how we can revitalize Avenue I,'' said Brian Ludicke, Lancaster's director of community development.
The budget includes $300,000 for the continuation of the North Downtown Transit Village project, an effort to revitalize an older area of the city generally bounded by Avenue I, the Metrolink railroad tracks, Kettering Street and Fern Avenue.
This study of the Fulton Street corridor is an essential next step in our efforts to revitalize the business, retail, arts and entertainment communities, create new jobs and enhance the streetscape of Downtown.
The Destination Midtown project and our own feasibility study confirmed that this area is primed for redevelopment, and we believe we have an exciting concept that will revitalize Midtown and bring new life and energy to Turner Park and its surrounding neighborhoods," said Mutual of Omaha Chairman and CEO Dan Neary.
The agency also suggested that more than lighting will be needed to revitalize Maryland Avenue.
Liberty Bonds are yet another example of how the federal, state and city governments are working with the private sector to revitalize and rebuild New York.
In their quest to revitalize the Los Angeles River, city leaders are floating the idea of installing inflatable dams in the river channel to create a recreational lake.
Schumer and Senator Hillary Clinton today launched the New York Liberty Bond Program, an $8 billion initiative to provide low cost, tax-exempt bond financing for major projects to revitalize Lower Manhattan.
Addressing each area of the organization, the transformation intends to revitalize the Girl Scout brand, create new fundraising models, improve volunteer systems, and significantly realign the national Girl Scout council infrastructure.