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Synonyms for revitalize

Synonyms for revitalize

to impart renewed energy and strength to (a person)

to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence

Synonyms for revitalize

give new life or vigor to


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Revitalize Business Services utilizes remote agents to provide premium customer contact center services.
Launched in response to investors' deep concerns about America's long-term economic growth, UBS Wealth Management Americas Revitalizing America Initiative comprises a series of speaking engagements and programs that UBS will host over the course of the year, aimed at forging common ground and discussing how, together, we can revitalize the U.
The company is working on other planning efforts for the city, including the project to revitalize the areas immediately to the north and to the northeast of the downtown business district.
1) Ed Banuelos, executive director of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber supports the city's efforts to revitalize the business district and the San Fernando Mall.
While city and industrial activists are hoping to block residential conversions, two projects are in planning stages to revitalize Sunset Park and "reconnect" neighborhood residents with the waterfront.
The project is a part of the City's West Harlem Master Plan that the Mayor announced in October of 2002, the goal of which is to revitalize the area between 125th and 135th Streets, Broadway and the Hudson River in West Harlem.
DWR is a leading California water policy agency and a partner with other public agencies and stakeholders in efforts to revitalize the Delta.
For years, the Assembly has led the fight to clean up the state's brownfields and get these unused industrial sites back on the tax rolls to help revitalize local economies and bring much-needed jobs to communities from Lackawanna to Long Island.
Today's announcement is part of the long-term plan unveiled in April 2006 to revitalize The Beverly Hilton property.
I believe it's going to revitalize the neighborhoods, and if they're done properly, it will enhance their quality of life,'' he said.
We're also happy to become a part of Pier Village which is helping to revitalize what was once a top summer resort.
Buyers Plan to Revitalize Garfield & Marks and Womyn Brands
In addition, he said the agency tries to revitalize areas that may not attract traditional lenders and so makes some riskier loans.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) allocated $715,000 to revitalize Tribeca Park.
Mary Leslie, the LABC's president, said the business community citywide is behind the Los Angeles Unified School District's construction program, saying it was necessary to better educate students, spur the economy and revitalize neighborhoods.