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Synonyms for revising

editing that involves writing something again

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It's all very well for you to talk," said she, "when you have I don't know how many millions; but I am very glad when my husband goes on a revising tour in the summer.
Students who activate self-regulatory mechanisms like planning, evaluating and revising stand a better chance at accomplishing their writing goals (Graham & Harris, 2000).
Business groups are going to work on revising the current draft definitions to address their concerns as to a state taxing other digital goods under its tangible personal property definition.
An independent regulatory agency created in 1975 to administer and enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) spent three-years developing and revising Voting System Standards (VSS) to ensure the reliability of certified election equipment used in local, state and federal elections.
It is envisioned that this work of preparing, reviewing and revising mine action standards will be conducted by technical committees, with the support of international, governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Among the contributors are ICEL secretary John Page, who gives a history of revising the Sacramentary; Fr.